Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 2, 2009 @ Howey's on 71


First off, I've got to tell you...the New Year's Eve celebration was off the hook! What a night!

That being said, I figured that Friday night (two days later) people would still be recouperating and stay home.

Not so. Friday night was a whole lotta fun with a whole lotta friends!

Megan was back and sounded as great as ever. She sang "Heartbreaker", "Spiderwebs", and "Eight Days a Week".

Alison R stepped up to the plate next (woah, way too early for baseball euphamisms) with "There's Your Trouble" and "Something To Talk About".

Erik F did a fantastic job on "I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles". Dude, you nailed that accent!

Matt S and friends came up for "Beyond The Sea" & "Rock Me Amadeus".

Shelley was right on the mark with "I Want To Come Over" and "This Is Me You're Talking To". She joined Dan on "Jump, Jive and Wail"! (I just love when they harmonize!) Dan sang solo on "Folsum Prison Blues". Love ya both!

Mike N had "High Hopes" "For The Longest Time" and even asked for someone to "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Hmmm....

Jessi B and friends started the booty shakin' with "Ice Ice Baby".

Doctor Burn sang "Fly Me To The Moon" and was later joined by Mikey for "My Ding-A-Ling". Funny.

Scott C rocked "Two Princes" and Zack W belted out "Kryptonite". Nice job guys.

The lovely and talented Erica C light up the stage with "You Know I'm No Good", "Killer Queen", Strawberry Wine", and "Last Dance". Awesome!

George C sang "Heartland", "Kentucky Rain", "Jack & Diane", "A Littte Less Conversation" and later closed us out with "Closing Time".

Lauren and Becki performed "Wanna Be", Kim and Becki did "If I Could Turn Back Time", and Palak & friends sang "I Love Rock and Roll" and "Mickey". Tim and the guys sounded great on "Black Water". That was one fun group of friends!

Joe W brought on some Tom Jones cool with "It's Not Unusual". Groovy.

We were all tired by the end, but it was a fun night just the same.

Thanks to everyone for making this place special.

A special shout out to Don and Dana. You make it fun and keep it real.

Real fun even.

Keep Smilin'


Dec. 26, 2008 @ Howey's on 71

Geez. Talk about being a bit behind after the holidays!

Here it is, 2009 and I'm still catching up from the end of last year.

Gonna have to keep is short and simple gang.

Mountain Music
Green Green Grass of Home
Acky Breaky Heart
For The Good Times

Ryan H:
The Joker
Friends in Low Places
Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Adam N:
Sweet Caroline

Alex and Chrystal:
All My Life

Chrystal and Tara:
Bless The Broken Road

Lisseth and Brittany:
Power of Love

Tim and Nate:
Since U Been Gone
Nice and Slow


What I Got

Nick, Reid, and friends:
Safety Dance

Kari and Alex:

Mike K:
Ice Ice Baby

That's it!